Rules   ( revised 2/18/2012 )

The goal of the is to be a positive learning and interactive experience for everyone to enjoy.  All members are expected to act in a polite and friendly manner and treat other forum members with respect . 

It is each member's responsibility and obligation to be familiar with the Rules of this Forum.

By subscribing to membership on you agree to fully adhere and abide by the rules as posted. Failure to be familiar with these Rules shall not be used as an excuse for not complying with them.

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1. No stalking, threats, harassment, trolling, baiting, bullying, confrontational posts or personal attacks. This includes those either by PM or public posting on

2. No pornography, vulgar language or profanity. This includes links to same. Attempts to circumvent the language filter by use of “special characters”, spaces and other means are a violation of these rules.

3. Members are limited to one current membership. Creation of any additional membership(s) in an effort to circumvent any rule, probation, suspension, guideline or to purposely hide their identity will result in immediate and permanent banning from this forum.   


Consequences for rules violations: CLASS A :


NOTE: Any post that violates a Class A rule is subject to removal.


1st  offense – warning to member via PM or e-mail.

2nd offense –Post warning on forum and PM or e-mail with 90 day probation(*posts will be moderated)

3rd offense - Continued violation attempts during or after a 90 day probation will result in a recommendation to the forum board of directors for a temporary suspension or permanent banning from this forum.     




1. NO selling or For Sale posts in any forum or section other than the SALE section in the trading post area. (If you ask “what’s it worth”, you cannot give indication the item is for sale outside of the sale area as that is posting something for sale outside of the sale section.)   30 Posts required for posting privileges in the For Sale section. 

2. No selling of illegal items in SALE section. Items must be legal in ALL 50 states. Posts selling Illegal items will be removed.

3. No commercial advertising or product marketing. Use paid forum ads or ask to be part of the vendor section. 

4. No slanderous or libelous posts. You MUST be able to prove what you write/say. Issues with transactions involving products or services are restricted to the Cheers and Jeers section and must be provable and factual.


Consequences for rules violations: CLASS B :


NOTE: Any post that violates a Class B rule is subject to removal.  Suspected or known  “spammers” will be removed.


Class B.

1st offense  – warning to member via PM or e-mail

2nd offense – warning to member via PM or e-mail  and 30 day probation (*posts will be moderated)




1. No discussion on politics or religion. Such posts may be removed.

2. No “bumping” of sale posts. “Bump” posts will be removed.

3. No forum spamming – one post per topic or item. Duplicates will be removed. “Spamming” includes speed-posting of no-value posts simply to build enough points to be able to post in the sale section.

4. No proxy posts for suspended or banned members or non-members.


Consequences for rules violations: CLASS C :


NOTE: Any post that violates a Class C rule is subject to removal.


Class C.

1st offense  - warning to member via PM or e-mail.

2nd offense - warning to member via PM or e-mail and 30 day probation (*posts will be moderated)





* Moderated Posts(definition) : all posts to any topic will require review by a moderator prior to being posted to topic.


* Suspended vs. Banned: members that have been suspended will be allowed an opportunity to be reinstated at the discretion of the Board Of Directors.  Members that have been banned will not be allowed any membership in any form including under a different name/sign on.    


* Continued, repeated, deliberate, purposeful violations of any forum rules may result in the recommendation by moderators to the forum board to have the member in violation suspended or banned. 


* Forum rules may be updated, changed, deleted or otherwise modified at the sole discretion of the forum management.


* The Registrant, Administrator( Board of Directors), and Moderators do not assume any responsibility for validating claims and statements made by members in any post on the Forum.

Upon registering on all members agree to hold harmless the Registrant, Administrator,(Board of Directors) and Moderators in the event any post on this Forum is determined to be slanderous or libelous.
The Moderators will make every effort to monitor posts, but if a post is believed to contain slanderous or libelous statements please advise by PM, use the Post options / "report post" option or send an email to:


  Please see Forum Guidelines for information on use of forum features .