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1970 Prestolite Wipers: Switch Wiring?

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Topic: 1970 Prestolite Wipers: Switch Wiring?
Posted By: Fluffy73
Subject: 1970 Prestolite Wipers: Switch Wiring?
Date Posted: Apr/17/2013 at 7:32pm
I decided to put the Prestolite Variomatic Wipers back in my Gremlin. The car is no longer my daily driver so I may as well put it back to original.

I found all the parts I removed and stashed away; motor w/ wiring, switch, wiper linkage.... what I seem to have misplaced is my wiring diagram!  There's 6 prongs on the back of the switch and only 4 connecting to the motor. I assume the 2 remaining are Power and Park, but does anybody know what's what?

I don't have a '70 TSM either (have you SEEN what they cost these days?)

Can anybody help a brother out?

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Posted By: 401MATCOUPE
Date Posted: Apr/17/2013 at 7:54pm
Four to wiper motor, one power in and the other to the washer pump.  This is the same for all Prestolite motors, at least post 1968.  Hope this helps.

Ross K. Peterson
70 Jav SST,390,AT,BSO

Posted By: whizkidder
Date Posted: Apr/17/2013 at 7:56pm

Terminals on the switch:

P = Blue (park)
W = Black (Washer pump)
F1 = Red
F2 = Yellow
A = Black (wiper motor)
B = Brown (12v feed)

Ron Frost
marne1ancient @
910 nine two two 0563

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Posted By: Fluffy73
Date Posted: Apr/17/2013 at 8:49pm
That's great!! Thanks :)

I am genetically incapable of being Politically Correct.

Posted By: billd
Date Posted: Dec/11/2013 at 1:05pm
Ron, myself, several others, have all contributed wiring diagrams, pictures, charts, etc. and this seems to be a common question or area.
Yes, folks could search, and I'd often "suggest" they do just that, but here's another thought. How about a place where all such diagrams, charts, pictures, etc. pretty much like this particular thread has become, placed in one area.
My thoughts, if I can make them make sense to anyone else, that is -
Sure you can search, but electric is a big area, lots of posts, lots of threads and even if you do a search, there are times that the thread is 3 pages long and the info you seek is on page 2 or 3.
There are not a whole lot of these diagrams/pics, but enough - and in the last few hours I've seen where the same information - the exact same diagram, picture, chart, etc. actually would have covered 2 or 3 questions/posts.
I guess I'm trying to find a simple way to organize the factual pieces, especially wiring diagrams or the sorts of things that I posted, Ron, and of course others, examples from this and other posts today, so they are more of a reference. Kind of maybe a "wiki" sort of thing, or like some have, a place for downloadable materials, PDFs, manuals, TSMs, wiring diagrams........
I'm not yet really sure what's best or how to best handle or organize it, but maybe the moderators can chime in as well with ideas, and of course those members who hang out in this area and often provide the very information I'm referring to have some ideas.......
OK, so it was more "thinking aloud" than any actual idea or solution.
Any merit? Any good ideas? Just keep saying "search, it's here"? Just forget I even brought it up?
A side thought - I know that as in this case, some of the diagrams or answers can be posted, happily I might add, by the folks who did just that here today, but on the other hand - duplicate posts when answering the same question several times over time does add up to space - (people who post and ask, don't take offense, this is just the technical side of things and a side effect of your question - the question is welcome, just figuring how to best handle and be efficient with space and space translates into expense at some point)

Geesh, did any of that make sense?

Hey fluffy - I've been wanting to comment on your sig line for a long time - I've already blown this post for being short, so here goes - your signature - I have a formal diagnosis on that very thing so I guess I can say that as a fact myself! LOL - Blame my mother's side - it is truly inherited.

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Posted By: Will 258
Date Posted: Apr/23/2014 at 8:02am

HI   this is one thing I was looking for .It was in the last place I looked HA-HA.......will

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