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Major forum software upgrade

15 April 2013 - Posted by billd, in Major Upgrades

Coming soon - I will be arranging to apply a software upgrade to the forum. This will add some features and enhancements, fix a couple of minor annoyances, and add better detection of current devices, browsers and operating systems.
For a short time during the upgrade process, the forum will be unavailable as the database will be locked so changes can be applied.
I will post a specific time period once that has been decided, but I am hoping this takes place before the end of April, hopefully in the next week or so.
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New forum area to be added

04 April 2013 - Posted by billd, in Forum Changes - minor

We will soon be adding a new forum, or area, to
This new area will be for AMC history, heritage and documentation related to American Motors Corporation, the company. It will not specific to cars but be anything to do with AMC, member companies, companies it owned over the years (Wheel Horse, for example), how AMC came about, the people, the plants, the dealerships, perhaps information or papers related to the purchase of Jeep, and bringing that into the AMC family, memorabilia, the logo designs, official company color information and so on.
The dealership project in the forum is also an example of what will end up in the new area.
It would be nice to have or include photos of the plants and factory, documents and articles - perhaps scans or pictures of stock certificates, information dealing with the entire history of AMC as a company, from the very first activity of Nash, Hudson, or the production of the first Kelvinator product to the "end" when Engulf and Devour, er, eh, Chrysler absorbed and dismantled them.
So, get your brochures scanned in, photos organized, historical information and AMC heritage ready to post......
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New Forum Rules effective 2-18-2012

20 February 2012

        Rules   ( revised 2/18/2012 )

The goal of the is to be a positive learning and interactive experience for everyone to enjoy.   All members are expected to act in a polite and friendly manner and treat other forum members with respect . 

It is each member's responsibility and obligation to be familiar with the Rules of this Forum.

By subscribing to membership on you agree to fully adhere and abide by the

rules as posted. Failure to be familiar with these Rules shall not be used as an excuse for not





1. No stalking, threats, harassment, trolling, baiting, bullying, confrontational posts or personal

    attacks. This includes those either by PM or public posting on

2. No pornography, vulgar language or profanity. This includes links to same. Attempts to circumvent  

    the language filter by use of “special characters”, spaces and other means are a violation of these   


3. Members are limited to one current membership. Creation of any additional membership(s) in an   

    effort to circumvent any rule, probation, suspension, guideline or to purposely hide their identity will

    result in immediate and permanent banning from this forum.   


Consequences for rules violations: CLASS A :


NOTE: Any post that violates a Class A rule is subject to removal.


1st  offense – warning to member via PM or e-mail.

2nd offense –Post warning on forum and PM or e-mail with 90 day probation(*posts will be moderated)

3rd offense - Continued violation attempts during or after a 90 day probation will result in a

     recommendation to the forum board of directors for a temporary suspension or permanent banning

     from this forum.     




1. NO selling or For Sale posts in any forum or section other than the SALE section in the trading post   

    area. (If you ask “what’s it worth”, you cannot give indication the item is for sale outside of the sale    

    area as that is posting something for sale outside of the sale section.)   30 Posts required for

    posting privileges in the For Sale section. 

2. No selling of illegal items in SALE section. Items must be legal in ALL 50 states. Posts selling

    Illegal items will be removed.

3. No commercial advertising or product marketing. Use paid forum ads or ask to be part of the

    vendor section. 

4. No slanderous or libelous posts. You MUST be able to prove what you write/say. Issues with

    transactions involving products or services are restricted to the Cheers and Jeers section and must

    be provable and factual.


Consequences for rules violations: CLASS B :


NOTE: Any post that violates a Class B rule is subject to removal.  Suspected or known  “spammers” will be removed.


Class B.

1st offense  – warning to member via PM or e-mail

2nd offense – warning to member via PM or e-mail  and 30 day probation (*posts will be moderated)





1. No discussion on politics or religion. Such posts may be removed.

2. No “bumping” of sale posts. “Bump” posts will be removed.

3. No forum spamming – one post per topic or item. Duplicates will be removed. “Spamming” includes speed-posting of no-value posts simply to build enough points to be able to post in the sale section.

4. No proxy posts for suspended or banned members or non-members.


Consequences for rules violations: CLASS C :


NOTE: Any post that violates a Class C rule is subject to removal.


Class C.

1st offense  - warning to member via PM or e-mail.

2nd offense - warning to member via PM or e-mail and 30 day probation (*posts will be moderated)






* Moderated Posts(definition) : all posts to any topic will require review by a moderator prior to being  

  posted to topic.


*Suspended vs. Banned: members that have been suspended will be allowed an opportunity to be

  reinstated at the discretion of the Board Of Directors.  Members that have been banned will not be

  allowed any membership in any form including under a different name/sign on.    


* Forum rules may be updated, changed, deleted or otherwise modified at the sole discretion of the

  forum management.


* Continued, repeated, deliberate, purposeful violations of any forum rules may result in the recommendation by moderators to the forum board to have the member in violation suspended or banned. 


*The Registrant, Administrator( Board of Directors), and Moderators do not assume any responsibility

  for validating claims and statements made by members in any post on the Forum.

  Upon registering on all members agree to hold harmless the Registrant,

  Administrator,(Board of Directors) and Moderators in the event any post on this Forum is determined

  to be slanderous or libelous. The Moderators will make every effort to monitor posts, but if a post is   

  believed to contain slanderous or libelous statements please advise by PM or

  email to:


  Please see Forum Guidelines for information on use of forum features .  

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Upgrade in place

09 February 2012 - Posted by BillD

Thanks for your patience. The software upgrade is all but complete.
There are some items to put back into their normal spots, some settings to tweak a bit and some of the newer features to enable, but the changes previously listed have now been put into place.
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09 February 2012 - Posted by kirkwood and billd


This week you will notice many changes in the We've initiated a major upgrade to the forum software that will add more features, improve stability, and make the site even easier to use. Another change comes in the form of the way the forum itself is run. 

A little background on this site is needed to understand where we came from, how we got here, and where we are going. There were several forums in the mid 2000's that came and went on the owner's whim; when they decided to disappear, so did the site, along with all the info. In 2007 this happened to what many of us felt was a great site, and Billd and I got together with the idea of a site with shared ownership, and along with several of the moderators from that forum, launched in July 2007. Since that time the site has been very stable, without severe service outages and a steadily increasing membership base. We're all proud of the work we've done here and how it has grown, but we also realize when it is a good thing to reinvent things from time to time. 

Effective today, Billd and I are empowering 4 contributing members here to act as moderators, with us functioning as the board of governors. Moderators will be in charge of making sure posts are in the correct areas, on topic, etc. The moderators can recommend members to us when further action is needed; they will not have the power to ban or suspend members. 

Another change is that rules for this site have been greatly simplified. We felt that the current list read too much like a legal document, and left too much to question. The new rules are posted in the general chat section, and we encourage everyone to read them and share your thoughts with us. 

This site has grown through the contributions of it's members, and that is the only way it will continue to grow. This past year there have been many challenges, and we're ready to move past those and get back to what this site is all about: guys (and girls!) talking about AMC, Rambler & Jeeps. That is the key to growing our site. One thing we promise is that this site will never become a business venture as long as we are involved; it is a free site supported by it's members and advertisers, that is all. We have never taken any money from it, and never will. Any donations made go strictly toward the operation of the site. 

Here's to a great 2012!

Billd & Kirkwood
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