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Topic ClosedThis AMC V8 forum is for AMC-designed and....

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Boris Badanov View Drop Down
AMC Addicted
AMC Addicted

Joined: Dec/14/2013
Location: NH USA
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Direct Link To This Post Posted: Oct/16/2014 at 8:49pm
billd is 100% correct.
We are nutz to be fighting with these old driveway Dinosaurs.
We both love em and hate em.
Most of us that have tried to make a horse an inch or more
have run afoul with the many little short-cuts and outright stupid
attempts at making these things cheaper.
That is why I think it's a good thing to have a Frankenstein chat room.
Last i heard about 45% of all automotive machine shop business is the 350 Chevy.
That does not include all the other Chevys!
80% of the business is GM V8s.
That comes from an industry periodical we get here.
We AMC addicts are lumped in the non Ford and non Chevy 1% catagory.
That's why we love AMC!
But the statistics say people are gonna re-power their Ramblers.
Gremlin Dreams
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Airdrie AMX View Drop Down

Joined: Aug/08/2010
Location: Alberta, Canada
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Direct Link To This Post Posted: Oct/16/2014 at 9:18pm
I'm not sure what the fuss is all about either. I'm not about to drop a sbc in my javelin but if I was in the position where I had one and needed a motor, it would be nice to ask someone whose done it. There are members here with other brand engines in there cars not to mention other brand rear end swaps, transmissions etc....
The idea of another area to share this other brand stuff is a good one, I hope this is considered.
72 amx javelin 401 4spd
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Slate View Drop Down
AMC Addicted
AMC Addicted

Joined: Feb/28/2012
Location: Airyzona
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Direct Link To This Post Posted: Oct/16/2014 at 9:54pm
It's BillD's forum, so how he wants to run it, is ultimately up to him.

On the other hand, there are those that prefer to hotrod AMC's with other engines, trans,and the like. Rather than subscribing to the fatalist idea that helping those that are going to put something other than an AMC engine in an AMC, is going to nudge them over the edge into wholesale swaps, it's just a part of the automotive scene. And with or without your help, they are going to do what they are going to do.

Making a section devoted to such things as BB suggests, makes sense.

I, like others Menace mentions, not only came from Chevy, Ford, Olds, Pontiac, BMW, Porsche,Volkswagen, Volvo, etc. roots, I still enjoy those and other marques and don't feel any need to justify helping out someone that has other than purist visions.

I don't see the big deal. Just as I don't place a chip on my shoulder and say,"Hey, pal, knock it off."
Some of the reasons people have cited for still being butt hurt over stuff people say or do, or said and did twenty-five years ago, and you're still holding onto that, well, that says alot, about you. People are going to piss you off every day, I'm being cheritable here, but how you handle it defines you. But, hey, to each their own, just don't expect all others to goosestep to your view.

For those coming here to see AMC only, a frankenrambler section would not affect you because it isn't on your daily turf.

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Buzzman72 View Drop Down
AMC Addicted
AMC Addicted

Joined: Sep/15/2009
Location: Southern IN
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Direct Link To This Post Posted: Oct/16/2014 at 10:59pm
I agree 100% with BillD.

On an AMC V8 forum, the topic should be AMC V8's.


If you want to put a different engine in your car, that's your business.  I've got a '52 International pickup that I'm putting an AMC V8 in.  BUT I simply DO NOT go over to and ask them how to make my AMC V8 work in an International.  WHY?  Because I'M NOT STUPID.  I know the place to ask questions about an AMC V8 is...well, HERE.

As far as what's involved in a swap...get a tape measure.  Just about everything you want to know about "will it fit?" can be determined by measuring...and measuring...and measuring some more.  What radiator to use?  Measure...notice where your inlet and outlet need to be...and then see what fits your measurements.  It may truly BE "meatball surgery," as they used to say on M*A*S*H, but it ain't rocket science or brain surgery...or even rocket surgery, fer goo'ness sake!

Do we need a forum for Brand-X swaps into AMC's?  Maybe.  But it shouldn't be on the AMC V8 discussion board.  It should be in a special "swap" section.

Look, I own a '52 International; I understand about obsolete parts and such, probably even better than most AMC guys.  [My dad was a HUDSON dealer; if you need a 12V starter for a 308 Hornet motor, as in a '56 take-off, PM me...I think I've still got 2 of 'em around somewhere.] But for me to come here, on the AMC V8 forum,  and ask about putting another make engine in an AMC...that would simply mean either (a) I'm a troll, or (b) I'm not smart enough to understand that this is an AMC V8 forum, even though that's the title of the forum.  So I'm giving the original poster the benefit of the doubt, and figure he's a troll.

I think Bill's on the right track here.  Here's one more vote of confidence for ya.

Edited by Buzzman72 - Oct/16/2014 at 11:02pm
Buzzman72...void where prohibited, your mileage may vary, objects in mirror may be closer than they appear, and alcohol may intensify any side effects.
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RamblinMan View Drop Down
AMC Addicted
AMC Addicted

Joined: Sep/26/2007
Location: Port Charlotte
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Direct Link To This Post Posted: Oct/16/2014 at 11:32pm
I don't wade into the fray that seems to pop up every other week regarding the generic brand x engine swap. 

But, having been involved with Oldsmobile, Buick, Chevy trucks, and Ford trucks and multiple forums for each. The reaction in ALL of them were the same when non-native engine swaps popped up almost as regularly as it does here: visceral negativity. SO, this is not unique to this forum. The Olds guys are even more militant than the AMC crowd.
The Right Reverend of Blessed Acceleration
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farna View Drop Down
Supporter of TheAMCForum
Supporter of TheAMCForum
Moderator Lost Dealership Project

Joined: Jul/08/2007
Location: South Carolina
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Direct Link To This Post Posted: Oct/17/2014 at 7:58am
A swap section would be nice. Then the non-AMC V-8 topics can be moved there. I think that would satisfy most people, from what I've read so far. 
Frank Swygert
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rocklandrambler View Drop Down
AMC Addicted
AMC Addicted

Joined: Feb/09/2013
Location: Nanuet, NY
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Points: 3905
Direct Link To This Post Posted: Oct/17/2014 at 8:34am
I don't have an AMC V-8 but I agree the AMC V8 forum should be for AMC ONLY. However, would it be possible to start a new poll to see if the forum members would like to see a Non-AMC engine swap section?
Past AMC's
1974 Hornet X (new)
1975 Gremlin X (new)
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uncljohn View Drop Down
AMC Addicted
AMC Addicted

Joined: Jan/03/2013
Location: Peoria AZ
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Direct Link To This Post Posted: Oct/17/2014 at 8:38am
I guess that means the transmission section should relate only to transmissions AMC used.  An no more 8.8 Ford rear axles.  
And the list goes on, only factory correct interiors?  Howabout no aftermarket radio's they did not come with these cars either.  All of the sub sections should be come purist to satisfy the narrow minded?  
That makes good sense. 
As one who owns currently 5 AMC cars, at least that is what the DMV calls them, except for the as yet to be restored, only one is pure AMC and the other three are all show winners or are drivers or have been featured in one way or another in AMC publications local or national and include modifications to the basic car. 
Installing an aftermarket engine in an AMC car is no different then installing any of the other devices and if information relating to such change is best to be described is best left to those who have successfully done it.  Not some one who rips things out because they do not know how to actually maintain things. 
Sorry, no, 26 years after the company has gone out of business, the logic of re-engining an AMC rolling chassis makes perfectly good sense as it not only keeps the awareness that the existed in the eyes of the hobby community but continues to add depth to the hobby itself.  The antique engines that now represent what these cars were built with in the first place are not only rare in any kind of a shape at all but so costly it is a determent to even spending time and money restoring something, with word restore used some what tongue and cheek when there is no value in the end result when done incomplete and poorly. 
A vehical with the smog equipment ripped out because of the inability to tune the thing to run with an antique engine in it has far less appeal to other hobbyists than the same car with a well installed aftermarket engine. 
The remaining national clubs have room in their make up for re-engined AMC products,  and there is not a reason to assume there is not room in  a forum on the same products for the same things. 
I am not finished building my Hornet street rod with what was once a Mercury Marine engine procured at great discount because it once sat in a boat, but when finally completed will be a modern version of a Station wagon that no longer exists.  And it will sit next to my Mark Donohue Javelin with a cooking version of a 390 and the Ford Mustang Transmission installed in it some where around 1993 or so.  Also next to the 1980 AMX which is pretty much a survivor if you will, and the as yet to be restored Hornet hatch back with a 360 that will replace the 304, an engine that frankly I have no desire to spend money on and any one that wants it is welcome to it. And my Fuel Injected Spirit, built some 15 years ago and driven some almost 50,000 miles.  
And by the way each of these cars will and have passed the local State Smog tests because they have been tuned to do so complete with the appropriate smog equipment. 
And I expect my Mercury Marine powered Hornet with the 700R4 transmission to do so also. 
And if it works out  correctly I have a spare 232 that will go into a street roadster. So if some one thinks I am not qualified to comment on these activities, stuff it. Building an over priced out of date automobile no longer is an attraction in this or any other aspect of this hobby. 

70 390 5spd Donohue
74 Hornet In restoration
76 Hornet, 5.7L Mercury Marine Power
80 Fuel Injected I6 Spirit
74 232 I-6, 4bbl, 270HL Isky Cam
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gtoman_us View Drop Down
Moderator Group
Moderator Group

Joined: Jul/10/2007
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Direct Link To This Post Posted: Oct/17/2014 at 9:12am
Locking down the Topic was intended as information as to the renaming and the purpose of the section going forward.

Edited by gtoman_us - Oct/17/2014 at 9:15am
I used to collect trophies, more fun to collect gas receipts and put on miles.

1964 Rambler Ambassador Cross Country Wagon
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1965 GTO

1931 Model A Ford

"Flat Roofs are Cool"
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