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Air compressor...

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Topic: Air compressor...
Posted By: BrotherBamc
Subject: Air compressor...
Date Posted: Jul/07/2018 at 2:23pm
I am in need of a new air compressor for my garage/shop. 
The old craftsman that I have had since probably the early 2000's is going by the way side and has been for the past year. The one that I have now is a non oiling type. There is no way to service it. You can drain the air from it and that's about it. 
As I was using it the other night I noticed that the air pressure gage was pulsating and I was getting tiger striped paint lines. And it seems it can not keep up, no matter what tool I use. D.A. sander starts off at a really good high speed when the pressure is about 80 or 90 but when it gets below 60 things really slow down. 
So, I think it's time to replace the old with something new. 
The only option that I have is too keep it below 600 bucks. 
I don't really use the compressor a lot. I don't use air ratchets, I do everything by hand or with a breaker bar. I do air up tires and blow things off when cleaning. 
But lately I have been using the D.A. sander a lot and I have been putting primer on my Gremlin and will soon be trying to paint it.. Big smile 

Been looking at this from Sears...

But with Sears going under soon, I am not too keen with Sears, but something similar. And already having gone through a Sears compressor, again, not to keen on Sears products. 

I do have a Northern Tool catalog that has a North Star listed for just a little over 500 bucks but it's only a 20 gallon. And it's not listed on its web site either so no link. It is an oil lubricated pump. 

My needs will be 120 v. Sorry no 220. 
Used for paint, sanding and general automotive use. Has to be serviceable, and I would prefer a vertical tank. I'd like a larger tank like a 50 or 60 gallon but I think a smaller tank will suffice. 
Pretty simple stuff. 
So what does everyone have in their garage and have used for years that cost's less then 5 or 6 hundred bucks...???
Thanks in advance..!!! 

Edit: Free shipping is a really huge plus also..!!! Big smile

73 Gremlin
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Posted By: BrotherBamc
Date Posted: Jul/07/2018 at 2:31pm
Found the Northern Tool link...

73 Gremlin
2006 Dodge Magnum R/T AWD" rel="nofollow - My Garage

Posted By: Samuelsc360
Date Posted: Jul/07/2018 at 3:04pm
The problem is that everything that's going to be big enough to paint and run a DA is going to be 220V. You need 9 cfm with a 60 gallon tank.

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Posted By: tufcj
Date Posted: Jul/07/2018 at 3:56pm
I've been running a Craftsman 3HP, 30 gallon horizontal tank compressor (220V) since the early 1980s.   I had to replace the pressure switch last year.  1st repair in 35 years.  I've been looking at an 80 gallon vertical for my new shop.  TSC has some pretty good deals on Ingersol-Rand stuff." rel="nofollow -


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Posted By: 6PakBee
Date Posted: Jul/07/2018 at 4:04pm
Wow.  115 volt?  $600?  Absolute largest motor you can support at 115 volts is about 3 hp at 25 amps full load.  No extension cords here.  With these constraints this is about what you'll find." rel="nofollow -

Use your old compressor's tank for an auxiliary reservoir.

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Posted By: BrotherBamc
Date Posted: Jul/07/2018 at 5:01pm
Sounds like I need to have a 220 line put in. 
I think that will open up a lot of doors then. I did find this at Northern Tool...

I think that one will work just fine... 

Keep you all posted on progress..

73 Gremlin
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Posted By: jblue1555
Date Posted: Jul/07/2018 at 6:39pm
Ingersol 2 stage from tractor supply . Can’t outrun it. Great price. Buy once no need for another

Posted By: Ollie
Date Posted: Jul/08/2018 at 7:08am
A 220 line will pay for itself vs cost of running a 110. Nothing to it if you have a breaker panel in your shop.

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Posted By: RTTComanche17
Date Posted: Jul/09/2018 at 4:01pm
Sounds like you are already convinced about 220v, but I will chime in as I actually own the Craftsman 27 gallon you linked in your first post.

I think the Craftsman is a great little compressor - for what it is. I spent a couple months researching what I wanted as I needed something that could run an air tool intermittently, be easily moved, and run on 110v as i was renting at the time and had no idea what power would be available at the next place. I settled on the Craftsman. For what i asked for, it has done really well. One of my roommates painted his motor cycle with it, but it will not be capable of a whole car. It will run the DA/air tools, but only intermittently. But what sold me is it is very quiet - as in i can stand next to it and have a conversation with my buddy without hardly raising my voice while it is running. I was not looking to wake the neighborhood when it kicked on. The same cannot be said for any direct drive, oil-less units or some of the cast iron pump units. However, as it is an aluminum pump, they plain don't last as long as the cast iron pumps and they have an inconvenient duty cycle - something like 1000 hours and 60% Duty Cycle if I remember correctly - which make air tools even more prohibitive (I think the cast pumps I was looking at were 5000 hours and 80-100% duty cycle). None of this bothered me when i bought it ~4 years ago due to the my above requirements, but now that i have my own place, it has been replaced with dedicated 220v, 60 gallon unit that I was able to pick up used.

Again, great little compressor that will do 90% of what you need, but I bought mine knowing that it would be replaced with a larger, dedicated 220v unit down the road. That replacement happened sooner than I anticipated, but only because a "too good to pass up" deal fell in my lap. I won't need the bigger one until the body work on my '67 American starts, but I'm happy I have the bigger one since i know the 27 gal. craftsman won't cut it.

Echoing what others have said, since you know you will be doing paint/bodywork in the near future, I too think you should step up to a dedicated 220v unit that can support your needs. You will thank yourself later.

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Posted By: BrotherBamc
Date Posted: Jul/09/2018 at 4:23pm

I'll probably keep the old Craftsman for other needs. My Girlfriend is probably going to need one here in the short future and it'll work perfect for her wood/craft projects. 
I've had no complaints about my Craftsman. It is rather noisy and has been getting that way for the past couple of years now. 
I had the chance years ago to put 220 in the garage when I had that 120 line put in. I didn't heed my own thoughts at that time. 
I won't need a 220 line...!!! That compressor will work fine for what I was doing...(at that time it did) 
Nothing like I am doing now and plan to in the future. 
Compressor has been ordered. Should be here in about 10 to 12 days. Electrician has also been called for an estimate and they'll be here in the morning. Guess I had better make some room in the garage now. For both compressors and for the electricians to do what they have to do. 

73 Gremlin
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Posted By: 6PakBee
Date Posted: Jul/09/2018 at 5:19pm
Congratulations on running in 220.  It opens up a whole new level of capability.  Need a plasma cutter?  Got it covered.  Have a big steam cleaner?  Got it covered.  Have an arc welder?  Got it covered.  A whole new level.

Roger Gazur
1969 'B' Scheme SC/Rambler
1970 RWB 4-spd Machine
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