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Jeep Zone Order No.

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Topic: Jeep Zone Order No.
Posted By: jambo152
Subject: Jeep Zone Order No.
Date Posted: Dec/05/2017 at 4:48am
I am new to this forum. So, please forgive me if I am not posting this to the right topic area or if this question has been addressed in the past.

I run a registries for the 1982 CJ-7 Jamboree ( and the 1979 CJ-5 Silver Anniversary ( These are sites for the owners of these rare Jeeps.

We have put together a lot of information regarding production. However, one thing I can't quite figure out is the "Zone Order No." listed on the window stickers and the VIN plate (on the firewall).

I am trying to figure out if this was simply a serial order number that was assigned to the vehicle before it was produced, and issued a VIN, or if the numbering somehow involved the region (or zone) where the vehicle was sent.

Any help you could provide would be much appreciated.

Thank you!

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