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83 spirit Dl 258 4 speed

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Topic: 83 spirit Dl 258 4 speed
Posted By: pos6871
Subject: 83 spirit Dl 258 4 speed
Date Posted: Oct/23/2017 at 12:08pm
Yesterday I went and looked at a 83 spirit Dl with a 258 4 speed in it factory, that was factory blue on blue. The owner said "supposedly" its one of 36 ever made. I was wondering if that was true even though I'm pretty sure its not. Also what would you guys pay for it, it does have rust in floor, missing blue front seats. It does start up and run but I don't know about driving. Will post more pics later thanks 
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Posted By: SeanHatfield
Date Posted: Oct/23/2017 at 1:16pm
The 258 and 4 speed setup is definitely desirable, but they did make quite a few spirits. 83 was the last year for the Spirit so I'm sure that factors into the rarity, but not much changed body-wise from 79-83. If it has rust in the floors, it likely has other under body rust. Check the rear spring mounting points, hatch area under the carpet, steering box, and just in front of the doors on the "frame" for any rust. This is where my 81 rusted out and since these are unibody, it's relatively difficult to repair and quite costly. Without looking at a picture or knowing exact mileage, you're looking at around a thousand dollar car. Once we see pictures, my opinion may change, but I don't think $1000 is too far off from its value, as might be over-estimating the price. Spirits are relatively niche AMC cars since they're not all that high powered or attractive to most. I personally love them, but your mileage may vary.

Posted By: SeanHatfield
Date Posted: Oct/23/2017 at 1:20pm
Also, one of the moderators might want to move this to a different section, perhaps General AMC Chat, to get more exposure to people who may be able to help him out more so than I.

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