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Front Wheel Bearings on ’70 AMX

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Printed Date: Oct/25/2020 at 6:45pm

Topic: Front Wheel Bearings on ’70 AMX
Posted By: azssamx
Subject: Front Wheel Bearings on ’70 AMX
Date Posted: Aug/05/2020 at 9:23pm
My ’70 AMX has gone from factory 4-wheel drum brakes, to factory front disk brakes to aftermarket front disk brakes. But I can’t remember what spindle is on the car now with the aftermarket disk brakes. 
Drum or disk spindle? Is there a difference?
I pulled the bearings out for a p/n look today and I have Timken LM11949 outer and Timken LM67048 inner bearings. I’ve consulted auto parts sources online and nobody I found lists Timken front bearings. 
I am looking at another manufacturer for drag race brakes and they want to make sure the spindle I have is correct to market as compatible to the largest group. I don’t want to say who the manufacturer is quite yet but will share once this gets ironed out. 
Any / all help greatly appreciated! 

Posted By: Trader
Date Posted: Aug/05/2020 at 10:31pm
This is the FIRST hit I get "LM11949" on Google - main search page. I think you may need to change devices or search engines.
I know that search engines tailor their search for the user so I only search for car parts one device. And car parts are the first thing displayed.,LM11949,wheel+bearing,1672" rel="nofollow -,LM11949,wheel+bearing,1672
Rock Auto has an excellent menu system, try there first.

Posted By: azssamx
Date Posted: Aug/06/2020 at 12:21am
I’ve already been does not answer my question “are these bearings for a drum or disk brake spindle?” Or are the one in the same? 

Posted By: azssamx
Date Posted: Aug/08/2020 at 6:55pm
Is the spindle interchangeable between a drum spindle and a disk spindle? And what year Javelin / AMX spindles are interchangeable? 

Posted By: BDCVG
Date Posted: Aug/09/2020 at 1:21pm
Does Rockauto list the same # for both drum and disc? There's the answer.

1965 Austin-Healey 3000

1970 AMX 390 5 spd, Control Freak IFS and rear coil overs,4 wheel disc brakes

2008 Subaru OBXT 5MT

Posted By: azssamx
Date Posted: Aug/09/2020 at 7:39pm
RockAuto does not differentiate between drum or disk. However, I got an email response from Kennedy American, I think it was Kennedy, one of the AMC vendors, that said there were many spindles of varying size but did not elaborate. 
I have researched the question on the search history here and can not find that this question has been brought up in the past. Find that hard to believe but I guess I’m the first. 
Thanks for any help! 

Posted By: tomj
Date Posted: Aug/09/2020 at 9:50pm
LM67048 is simply the inner bearing rollers and cage from SET6, for the hub inner bearing set. It's probably the most common AMC bearing set.

You want SET2 for the outer (small) set and SET6 for the inner larger bearing. And grease seal, National 7022S.

I keep a spreadsheet of part numbers. feel free to look at it..." rel="nofollow -

1961 roadster american, 195.6 OHV, T5
1968 american, 199ci, T14
AMC pages:

Posted By: azssamx
Date Posted: Aug/13/2020 at 8:52pm
Thank you very much for the spreadsheet and info! I guess I’ll go with “I have the most common spindle” 
The brake manufacturer would have liked to know he can make parts for a “factory disk brake spindle” or “a factory drum brake spindle” but I will tell him he needs to advertise the brakes will fit spindles using these bearings and races. 

Posted By: akimmet
Date Posted: Aug/16/2020 at 12:37am
The reason rock auto or other parts stores didn't differentiate, is because in 1970 there was no difference in bearings between disc or drum.
In fact most AMC spindles take SET2 and SET6 bearings. There are exceptions, but those involve later disc brake setups (these used SET16 & SET17), or aftermarket/modified spindles (SET3 & SET5 or SET12 & SET13).

The Timken numbers in the first post correspond to the bearing cones used in SET2 & SET6 bearings.

Do you know whose disc brake setup are you using? There is a difference between spindles, and the difference isn't necessarily the bearings. The most common difference is the thickness of the mounting flange of the spindle. There were several different thicknesses used, and most disc brake conversions take only one thickness into account.

Posted By: tomj
Date Posted: Aug/21/2020 at 12:57am
SET6 is used in AMC-15 rear axles too. Same part.

I think Timken got bought out so I've stockpiled some, about a year ago. Parts quality is plummeting. Not sure if Timken is still good or not.

1961 roadster american, 195.6 OHV, T5
1968 american, 199ci, T14
AMC pages:

Posted By: azssamx
Date Posted: Aug/21/2020 at 8:46pm
I’ve never heard of “set”, is that a reference # that one can order by? I’ve always used the p/n. 

Posted By: tomj
Date Posted: Aug/21/2020 at 9:42pm
Yes, SET6 is a part number.  It's all in the spreadsheet URL I posted a few messages back:

front: SET2 (outer, small) SET6 (inner, large). SET6 is LM67048 (bearing) + LM67010 (race).


AMC15 axle: BR6 is SET6 is ( LM67048 + LM67010 ) is AMC/Rambler front hub AND AMC/Rambler rear axle bearing.

YOu should be replacing them as a set, if you need to replace them. I wash mine in a mix of solvent plus motor oil, shake 'em till all the griet and grease is out, and examine carefully. Nearly all of the really old bearings that were decently lubricated, I found, remain usable. WHen I see discoloration or grooving, I replace them. New parts quality is highly variable and the older Timken and other brands rarely suffered from poor quality, just wear and (lack of) maintenance.

1961 roadster american, 195.6 OHV, T5
1968 american, 199ci, T14
AMC pages:

Posted By: azssamx
Date Posted: Sep/14/2020 at 11:30pm
Never knew bearings were packaged and identified as a “Set-“, learn something everyday! Found the AMC Set2 and Set 6 is same as 1967-1978 Camaro. Makes this an easy job. I will post all results once I have parts on car. 
Thanks again for the help! 

Posted By: farna
Date Posted: Sep/15/2020 at 6:16am
Almost all front wheel hubs and bearings are the same, drum or disc brakes, as far as bearings and actual spindle dimensions (the part the bearings ride on) are concerned. The lone exception is that 1975-78 used a different, larger bearing set. This corresponds to the Big Bendix (3.1" piston caliper) for all 75-76 models and 75-78 big cars. For some reason AMC kept the big bearings on the 77-78 small cars but the caliper changed to a 2.6" piston.

The other difference in spindles is the base thickness. The bolt pattern is the same from at least 1952 (1950 Nash Rambler... not sure about the big Nash cars before 52). The base thickness varies depending on width of drum and type of brakes. Disc brake bases are thicker than drums (except the early four piston Bendix discs), wider drums a little thicker than narrow drums. Easy enough to swap them -- use spacers (grade 8 washers are hard and will work) to center the caliper. A bit harder with drums as you can't see as clearly what's going on, but the base of a disc spindle can be milled down if necessary.

Frank Swygert

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