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68 american 290 4speed

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Topic: 68 american 290 4speed
Posted By: typhoon
Subject: 68 american 290 4speed
Date Posted: Aug/05/2019 at 9:47am
looking for how many 1968 Rambler Americans were produced,with these options;
 2 dr sedan 6806  my book says it is a sport sedan
290 4bbl 10:1 compression
floor mount 4 speed
limited slip
Colour Laurel Green Metallic
and whoever ordered this added ,electric wipers  dual mirrors ,it has magum 500 rims but I think they would be added by a previous owner.

thanks in advance

Posted By: 6768rogues
Date Posted: Aug/05/2019 at 3:11pm
A factory V8 car would have as standard equipment a front sway bar, electric wipers and a model 20 rear. There is not a big population in your configuration. Few V8 4 speed cars were made, and most were hardtops (Rogues). You have an uncommon and desirable car.

Why Ramblers? Chicks dig 'em. Whatever it is, I can take it apart.
Located near Rochester, NY

Posted By: txamx
Date Posted: Sep/19/2019 at 7:54pm
 We would love to see some pictures of your four-speed American!!!


Posted By: SC397
Date Posted: Oct/10/2019 at 9:59am
This list just shows totals.  It doesn't brake it down according to transmission etc." rel="nofollow">" rel="nofollow - IMG_2338 by" rel="nofollow - Rick Jones , on Flickr

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